ROOTMpi (Message Passing Interface for ROOT)

Cooking the new ROOT Mpi solution for HPC in ROOT, I am working in the prototype based in my old Cint project. Lets see for more information.

Posted 01 Jan 2017

TMVA new architectures design and implementation.

Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis(TMVA) is a package in ROOT for machine learning algorithms for classification and regression of the events in the detectors. In TMVA, we are developing new high level algorithms to perform multivariate analysis as cross validation, hyper parameter optimization, variable importance etc… Almost all the algorithms are expensive and designed to process a huge amount of data. It is very important to implement the new technologies on parallel computing to reduce the processing times. Summer student report CERN Summer Student Report

Posted 11 Dec 2016

ROOT-R will be used in the next ALICE Computing Upgrade

ALICE experiment is preparing the computing resources for the next upgrade and they have plans to use ROOT-R to do advanced statistical analysis. ALICE-SFT-1.pdf

Posted 12 Jul 2016