Development Guide

Development Guide


In the context of projects IML, MILA and GSoC we wrote this guidelines to present the software which is under development. All the projects must be submitted to review through a pull request.

Coding Conventions

To write a high quality software ROOT have a coding conventions that is based in Taligent Guide please read it carefully.

VCS - Git/Github

All our code is manipulate with a ditributed VCS(Version Control System) called git and hosted in in a cloud platform called that lets do visualization of the code easily. Lets open a free account and see the documentation at and useful commands:

$ git checkout mybranch
$ git rebase --autosquash -x 'git clang-format master && git commit -a --amend --no-edit' master


We are using two software construction tools CMake and Autotools, all the software must support both.

Portability (Multiple OS support)

Currently ROOT 6 have support for Gnu/Linux and MacOS and the software must support both platforms too.


The documentation is using doxygen in the source files and Markdown for users guide, lets see userguides examples at

Build Monitoring Tools