PyMVA (Python TMVA) officially in ROOT repository

PyMVA is a set of plugins for TMVA package based on Python(SciKit learn) that allow new methods of classification and regression.

Posted 14 Sep 2015

ROOT R officially in ROOT repository

Google Summer of Code 2015 is over, lets see the documentation of the results in The results will be presented in the ROOT Workshop 2015 at Saas-Fee Switzerland Meeting event at Thanks to my mentors Lorenzo Moneta and Sergei Gleyzer and the GSoC program.

Posted 29 Aug 2015

ROOT R officially in ROOT repository

ROOT R is officially in the CERN’s git repository for ROOT gitweb Thanks to Google Inc by the support through GSoC and my mentor Lorenzo Moneta(CERN). A lot of new features are under develop and it will be release soon, lets see the new users guide in the CERN website Bindings

Posted 20 Jul 2015